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7EGEND is looking for a Senior 3D Generalist to join our creative team, bringing concepts to life in new global experiences.


The job

As a Senior 3D Generalist you will:

  • Work as part of our creative team, collaborating with our internal production teams and management.

  • Create high-quality, realistic 3D art, ensuring a high standard of visual quality.

  • Ensure the performance and technical quality of 3D environmental assets, with a focus on architectural and spatial design.

  • Set up lighting schemes to enhance visual appeal and atmosphere.

  • Optimize assets to fit specific technical requirements.

  • Stay current with 3D modeling and animation trends, tools, and technologies, implementing best practices, and exploring innovative techniques for enhanced project outcomes.

  • From concept to execution, you'll have the opportunity to work on large-scale global projects in sports and technology.


Who we're looking for:

  • A Portfolio showcasing multiple projects and your contributions, highlighting modeling, texturing, animation, and rendering skills.

  • An expert in resolving challenging issues related to graphics, assets, shaders, materials, lighting, and performance.

  • The ability to work efficiently while maintaining a high-quality output.

  • A keen eye for detail and quality.

  • Process skills with both written and verbal communication.

  • Knowledge in Archviz and experience in videomapping is a plus.

  • Proficient in industry-standard 3D software tools such as Cinema 4D or similar, Physically Based Render Engines (PBR) like Octane or similar, and Adobe Creative Suite.

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